And Such Gardens Are Not Made


DSC_0545And Such Gardens Are Not Made (oil 48×96″), © M. Kinnear 2015

Nothing prepares you for Art, because Art really just is an expression of being alive, and being alive – at least in my world – has been a roller coaster of excitement, uncertainty, setbacks and opportunities.

The Painted Garden, my current show, could never have happened if I hadn’t suffered a sudden stroke at the age of 34. It’s the work of two years painting and over a decade of my coming to terms with being, accepting, and finally coming to accept my imperfections.

Inspired by the unexpected, and quite unlooked for beauty in a small patch of waste land near my garden the painting  is about serendipity; an encouragement to take what success you can from the vissicitudes of life.

Life is the crucible in which Art is made, and I now understand that if art is to become Art with a capital A, then it must be rooted in and drawn from human truths. I make no claims to greatness, but if the last decade has given me anything, it’s the virtue of Authenticity, in that I understand, in a way I could never have once done, that our existence in all it’s imperfection must be celebrated.



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